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Werke am Zürichsee AG offers all customers a choice between ecologically or conventionally produced energy.

For electricity, the standard product (basic package) is called Naturstrom Basic, which consists of 97.5% hydroelectricity and 2.5% biomass electricity.
This means that, unless you select another electricity product, you will automatically receive natural electricity as part of the Basic package. However, you may also customise your current product with effect from 1 January of every year as part of the Individual package.

The following types of production are available:
  • Naturstrom star, which is made up of 90% hydroelectricity, 8% biogas and 2% solar electricity from the canton of Zurich.
  • Naturstrom solar, which is made up of 100% solar electricity from the EKZ solar electricity exchange.
  • Mixstrom is composed of 79.3% nuclear electricity, 18.7% hydroelectricity and 2% subsidised electricity.
With your decision you can send out a clear message regarding how your electricity is to be produced. More information about our current products is available here.

Natural gas / biogas
With our renewable energy biogas, you get an optimum solution with great potential for the future.

We source our biogas exclusively from natural waste materials. The biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and fed into the existing natural gas network. Therefore biogas requires no additional investment in your heater. Each year, we produce several million kilowatt hours of biogas energy, and this figure is increasing all the time. This amount of biogas reduces CO2 emissions by several thousand tonnes per year compared to fuel oil.

We offer the following options:
10%, 20% or 100% biogas.

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